Hive MindEdit

POWER COST  BlueTile  0
(PASSIVE) Ultron's consciousness spreads to any nearby electronic systems. Each turn, Ultron converts a random basic tile next to a friendly Strike, Attack, or Protect tile to a copy of that tile. Ultron cannot be stunned.

Gravitational ForceEdit

POWER COST  BlackTile  10
Ultron manipulates gravity to force even his strongest foes to bow down before him. Creates 3 4-turn Countdown tiles which stun the target for 2 turns and destroy 3 AP in the enemy's strongest color.

Energy BeamsEdit

POWER COST  RedTile  7
Ultron fires intense energy beams from his vibranium fingertips. Deals 208 damage to the enemy team.


Level Health YellowTile RedTile BlueTile PurpleTile GreenTile BlackTile CriticalTile TeamUpTile


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