The Hunt Alaska


Base Under Attack
Bullseye next target is a secret S.H.I.E.L.D stronghold in Alaska called
'The Anvil'.
Defend it before Bullseye and his men tear it to pieces!

Buffed CharactersEdit

Black Widow (Grey Suit) - 50%
Iron Man (Model 40) - 100%
Spider-Man (Classic) - 50%
Thor (Marvel NOW!) - 80%
Hawkeye (Modern) - 200%

Event RewardsEdit

Leaderboard AwardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-2 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 1000 Iso-8, 500 Hero Points.
3-10 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 1000 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points.
11-50 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 1000 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points.
51-100 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 1000 Iso-8.
101-200 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 500 Iso-8.
201-400 Recruit Token (Heroic) (The Hunt Token), 250 Iso-8.
401-500 Recruit Token (Standard) x3 , 500 Iso-8
501-600 Recruit Token (Standard) x2 , 250 Iso-8
601-800 Recruit Token (Standard) , 250 Iso-8
801-900 140 Iso-8
901-1000 70 Iso-8

The Hunt Comic SaleEdit

During The Hunt Event you can buy comics from this special pack:

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