unplayable Enemy: Kaecilius (Unmerciful)


Intruder AlertEdit

(Team Up: Mordo; Doctor Strange and Thor (Marvel Now!))

This Is My WorldEdit

Tendrils of CorruptionEdit

Machine ArmyEdit

(3x Wave)


Mindless SlaughterEdit

One True Servant Of DoomEdit

Round One:

Round Two:

Round Three:

Book of VishantiEdit

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)Edit

Mordo (Master of the Martial Arts)Edit

Thor (Marvel NOW!)Edit

Orb of AgamottoEdit

Prerequisite - The Maggia's DomainEdit

Now This Is PowerEdit

(Team Up)

Unlikely Team-UpEdit

Heroes We DeserveEdit

Unending WiseguysEdit

(3 Waves)

Mindless But DeadlyEdit

Boss Ain't AvailableEdit

The Wolves' DenEdit

(3x Waves)

Orb of AgamottoEdit

(Team Up - Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme) (Legendary Character)

Requirement BattlesEdit

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)Edit


Thor (Marvel NOW!)Edit

Wand of WatoombEdit

Lifeless RealmEdit

(Team-Up Battle)

Wand of WatoombEdit

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