Silver Surfer (Herald of Galactus) is an unplayable boss character. He first appeared in the Boss Rush for the third anniversary of the game.

Your World is DoomedEdit

POWER COST  BlackTile  0
(PASSIVE) On Match Start, creates a 10-turn purple Countdown tile that summons Galactus, who unleashes his Cosmic Wrath and wins the match.

At the start of the turn, if one of these tiles does not exist, Silver Surfer creates one.

One With the CosmosEdit

POWER COST  BlueTile  0
(PASSIVE) At the start of Silver Surfer's turn, creates 4 Cosmic Tiles, and fortify up to 1 friendly Countdown tile and 4 Cosmic tiles.

Silver Surfer cannot be stunned or sent airborne.

The Power CosmicEdit

POWER COST  RedTile  0
(PASSIVE) If at the start of the turn, there are more than 10 Cosmic tiles on the board, remove them and deal xxxxx damage.

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