Greetings, MPQ fans!

The Marvel Puzzle Quest R88 update is now live.

The devil is in the details...

What's New...Edit

  • Versus action with Captain America & Falcon.

What's changed...Edit

  • Team-Ups now correctly display the intended character icons in battle.
  • Fixed a bug where the Iso-8 gained was not properly displayed in Survival missions.
  • Required characters can no longer be carried between Versus Events.
  • Fixed a bug where progress could be stopped when viewing dialogue in the Tutorial.
  • Downloading a patch during the early parts of the Tutorial saves data more gracefully.
  • Wolverine (Old Man Logan)'s Reluctant Hero no longer damages allies if the battle was finished with an ability that targets a tile.
  • Cyclops (Classic)'s Combined Forces can no longer target Critical and Locked tiles.
  • Added a new loading screen for mobile devices.
  • Replaced references of "Google+" with "Google Play" (no change to functionality).

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