All-new Wolverine (X-23) arriving soon!

What's New...Edit

  • Versus warfare with Rocket & Groot!

What's Better...Edit

  • Alliance scores are now properly displayed when scores exceed 1 million.
  • Fixed a bug where the odds in the Legendary store were difficult to access.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to bypass the Ability Information Panel tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where tutorial arrows were incorrectly placed if players skipped a part of the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the Vault showed an incorrect price after purchasing Hero Points.
  • Fixed a bug where Team-up abilities that reduce the cost of abilities based on Strike tiles did not have their prices adjusted when Strike tiles were on the board.
  • Yelena’s Payback Mission ability now targets Invisibility tiles.
  • The board will now properly reset if placing a black hole from Silver Surfer’s ability Silver Singularity causes no available moves.
  • Abilities that drain AP, but fail due to the opponent not having any AP, will now show an error message when attempting to cast.
  • Reduced visual stuttering when navigating the Rewards Cache.
  • Numerous improvements and fixes have been made to the Android ”Back Button” feature.

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