Healing. Seeing. These things must not be taken for granted.

When a man becomes that which he hates...

What's New...Edit

  • Awesome 2-Year Anniversary events arriving for new & old players alike!
  • Galactus boss battle!
  • Deadpool celebrates Taco Day with Weapon TeX-MeX Versus!
  • A new 4-Star Deadpool's Daily Quest every 5 days!

What's Changed...Edit

  • Locked Shadow Step tiles no longer proc when Elektra takes damage.
  • Locked Density/Density tiles no longer leave Vision's Attack Protocol ability shifted.
  • Vision’s Density: Heavy ability no longer incorrectly modifies Attack tiles.
  • Fixed a few bugs where players were unable to select names or buttons in the Alliance, Boosts and Team-Up screens.
  • Added S.H.I.E.L.D Resupply rewards for days 702 through 909.
  • UI now identifies when a player has more than 99 Tokens.
  • Bullseye (Classic)’s Contract Killer ability no longer activates off friendly Attack tiles.
  • Bullseye (Classic)’s Contract Killer ability no longer activates off Team-Up abilities.
  • The amount of rewards earned in Tutorial missions now displays correctly.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game could become unresponsive when viewing expired event stores.
  • Fixed bug where characters currently in your active roster could not be sent as Team-Ups.
  • Fixed bug where enemy team graphics were not displaying when players experienced poor network conditions.
  • Missing sound files for various characters have been reinstated.

Note: R84 has been combined into R85.

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