Time: 1961 Place: Space

What's New:Edit

  • Versus warfare with Carnage and Magneto!
  • Villainous Lightning Rounds abound!

What Got Better:Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the opponent’s Kamala Khan ability Bring Out the Best and Professor X’s Psychic Convergence were activating despite no ability being cast.
  • Magneto (Marvel NOW!)’s Polarity Shift no longer targets blue tiles.
  • Captain Marvel's Energy Absorption no longer triggers off ally damage.
  • Vision’s ability Attack Protocol and Doctor Octopus’ ability Armed and Dangerous now available for Team-Ups.
  • The game will now warn players if they attempt to use Vision’s Density: Heavy or Density: Light and those abilities do not have valid tiles for a Cooldown tile to be placed.
  • Fixed incorrect recovery times from a downed state for Elektra, Iron Man (Hulkbuster), Kingpin, Professor X, Star-Lord and Iron Fist.
  • Mystique no longer attempts to Shapeshift when there are no purple tiles on the board.
  • Mystique no longer stuns an opponent while attempting to Shapeshift when there are no purple tiles on the board.
  • Black Widow (Grey Suit)’s Sniper Rifle now destroys the correct amount of tiles at level 3.
  • She-Hulk’s Settlement (level 4) no longer steals both enemy tiles if there are only 2 enemy special tiles on the board. She-Hulk now only grabs one special enemy tile.
  • Stability improvements for Android.

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