A telepath. A shapeshifter. This month is getting interesting…

Team-Up ImprovementsEdit

  • You can now send up to five Team-Ups to your Alliance members at a time (up from three).
  • You can continue to play with characters even if you’ve sent them away as Team-Ups.
  • When you earn a Team-Up from a PVE mission/Versus node, its power is raised to the average level of your four best characters.
    • The max level of a Team-Up is limited to the max level that character could have if they were in your roster when scaled up.
    • Team ups will never *scale down*. So an overlevelled Team-Up will stay overlevelled. It is only Team-Ups that scale up that are capped at rarity level max.
    • If the average level of your four best characters is lower than the Team-Up’s original level, you’ll get the Team-Up at its original level.
  • When you enter a mission, any empty Team-Up/Boost slots are filled with random available Team-Ups from your inventory.
  • Starting Team-Ups updated for new players.

UI, Tweaks & Bug FixesEdit

  • You can check how much cooldown time is left on your Shields while you’re shielded. Select the timer on your current Shield to do so.
  • Mission rewards in Versus matches have been updated. The average Iso-8 earned per mission is unchanged, but there’s now a 250 Iso-8 reward, and the odds of character covers are reduced.
  • Squashed some bugs that kept the display of "Time Left" in Events from showing up.
  • The initial game install file is now a bit smaller.
  • Re-added music missing from the previous patch.
  • Roster Slot prices through slot 25 have been lowered and the first few weeks of Daily Rewards have been re-tuned.
  • Covers in your Rewards cache now expire in 14 days (extended from 7 days).

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