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The much-requested hero, Cyclops, has arrived!

UI, Tweaks & Bug FixesEdit

  • Numerous powers that involve selecting tiles (such as Bullseye's Murderous Aim, The Hood's Twin Pistols, etc.) can be used with Colossus’s Fastball Special again. Full List Of Powers Once Again Compatible With Fastball Special:
    • All Captain America (both 2-Star and 3-Star) Powers
    • All Black Widow (Grey Suit) Powers
    • All Spider-Man (Bag-Man) Powers
    • Bullseye: Murderous Aim
    • Hawkeye (Classic): Arrow Stab
    • Hawkeye (Classic): Take Aim
    • Hawkeye (Modern): Blast Arrow
    • Hawkeye (Modern): Electric Arrow
    • The Hood: Twin Pistols
    • Invisible Woman: Force Bubbles
    • Magneto (Marvel NOW!): Polarity Shift
    • Moonstone: Gravity Warp
    • Rocket & Groot: I Got a Plan
  • More characters allowed in Survival missions: characters and Team-Ups on enemy teams in Survival missions no longer restrict which characters and Team-Ups you can bring into battle.
  • In the mission map, you can now enter missions by tapping/clicking on their title on the map (as well as tapping/clicking on the mission pin a second time).
  • Players must now create a name, by joining an Event, before the “Join Alliance” button shows up.
  • Fixed a bug where, if a trap placed by Doctor Doom’s Diabolical Plot changed color, it wouldn’t be disarmed when Diabolical Plot was activated.
  • Fixed a bug where minions were not generating AP of a color if there were only one or two tiles of that color on the board.

Note: There is a known audio bug with missing music during some battles (noticeable while fighting Dr. Doom, for example). A fix is planned for R72.

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