UI, Tweaks & Bug FixesEdit

  • A little less math for you! When you’re choosing an ending time for an Event, the display of the time left until the Event starts or ends now includes days instead of just hours. Instead of seeing “31h 59m” left, you’ll see “1d 7h 59m.”
  • Players are now more likely to face human opponents in Versus matches.
    • In order to get Versus matchmaking started, we seed Events with pre-generated teams. Some of you probably recognize their names; pyromantic, KicksthatKick, etc. (They’re secretly shout-outs to Gillen & McKelvie’s so-many-feels Young Avengers run.) But most players expect to play against actual people in Versus Events, so we changed things so that you see other players as soon as possible when you first enter an Event. The very first players in an Event will still see the pre-generated teams.
  • Fixed an exploit where, if the game closed unexpectedly in the middle of a Shield purchase, a Shield’s cooldown would be triggered, but the Shield wouldn’t actually have been purchased.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent iOS and Android users from connecting to Facebook (affected players would see a “Login Failed” error message).
  • A banner is now displayed when minion characters that don’t move the board gain AP.
    • Note: This is a work-in-progress (see screen below) and player feedback will be monitored.


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