• Increased Maximum Roster Slots from 100 to 182.
  • Alliance sizes have been set to 20 for all new and current Alliances.
  • Added hooks for Alliance reward changes. If you participate in an Event, you'll receive Alliance rewards based on the Alliance you were in at the moment the Event ended, instead of the Alliance you're in when rewards are given out. This change in Alliance rewards is meant to help the situation where getting kicked from your Alliance during an Event leaves you with nothing.


  • When Moonstone's Control Shift takes over a Countdown tile that replaces itself (like Molotov Cocktail, Flame Jet, or Defense Grid), Moonstone now keeps ownership of the Countdown tile when it replaces itself. In addition to slightly strengthening Control Shift, this fixes some bugs where those Countdown tiles could have the wrong descriptions, or cause crashes, when they reverted to their original owners.
  • Fixed a bug where, if a Team-Up Control Shift took control of a Countdown tile that did damage to its owner (like the Iso-8 Brotherhood Subject's Detonate power), an unrelated friendly character would take the damage. Now, because Moonstone isn't there to take the damage, no one takes it.
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of matching Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery tile was activating even if the Recovery tile was overwritten (by, say, Redwing).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause visual artifacts if passive powers triggered while matching a Trap tile or Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery tile.
  • Fixed a bug where matching Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery tile would never affect Locked tiles (now it can, and will shatter the force bubble/web on them).
  • Devil Dinosaur's Prehistoric Arms was mistakenly using Prehistoric Bite's sound effects. Now his tiny little arms have their very own sounds! We're all so proud.
  • Clarified the text of Beast's Mutagenic Breakthrough ability (no change to its behavior).


  • Made suggestions visible when using the HTC Sense keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug where all suggestions would be entered into chat when using some T9/predictive keyboards.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash after entering emoji into some text fields.
  • Improved the list of suggested Alliances you see if you visit the Alliance search page. You're now more likely to see more active Alliances.
  • Fixed a bug where a Team-Up description viewed at the moment a Team-Up is awarded could sometimes show the description for the wrong level of the power.


  • Fixed a crash when selling very large numbers of covers at once.


  • Moved "STUNNED" and "DOWNED" labels so that they're easier to read.

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