• Enemy Team-Ups are now displayed on the pre-battle Boost Select Screen.
  • Alliance sent Team-Up Abilities now display proper level stats when viewed in battle.
  • Team-Up abilities gained from certain Prologue enemies now display correct level stats when obtained.

Character ChangesEdit

  • Colossus now stays out of combat intead of leaping to the front while Invisible and Immovable Object is active.
  • Characters that are Airborne now no longer count down their own tiles until they land.
  • Invisible characters may now still attack if the rest of their team is stunned and they are not.


  • The Player/Alliance Rank display in the top left corner of chapter maps now links to the player leaderboard.
  • Fixed multiple issues with third party keyboard support in Alliance chat.

UI, Tweaks and BugfixesEdit

  • Countdown tiles are now visually linked to the characters that own them. When you tap on a character, their countdown tile will pulse.
  • Fixed instances of being able to make an invalid move ending the turn.
  • Tiles that trigger board destruction abilities when matched, such as Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery, now only affect undestroyed tiles.
  • When an Event has less than 1 unit of time left, it now displays the next lower unit to be more exact (instead of rounding up). For example: 1D 1H will change to 1D 59M instead of staying at 1D 1H until it hits 1D.
  • When a Countdown tile is Locked by an ability, such as Invisible Woman's Force Bubble, the Countdown tile will now properly disappear when matched as the final damage on an enemy that placed it.
  • Suggested matches now display the three tiles to match instead of the two tiles to swap.

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