You've heard about Thor: Goddess of Thunder and Devil Dinosaur's imminent arrivals - now, here's more to sink your teeth into!

Requested updates to Team-UpsEdit

  • You can now decline a Team-Up after a battle.
  • Changed the art for the Discard Team-Up button.
  • There’s a new Team-Up AP Boost, and Team-Up Tile Damage Boost.
  • Team-Up AP is now included in the All AP Boost.
  • Team-Ups have an info button in the corner that shows their cost and effects.

Character UpdatesEdit

  • Colossus's Airborne now correctly shows the amount of time remaining for a teammate.
  • Colossus's Immovable Object no longer activates while he is Stunned.
  • Colossus no longer guards or takes reduced damage when the Countdown tile from Immovable Object is Locked.
  • Moonstone's Gravity Warp now affects Invisibility tiles.
  • Hawkeye (Modern)'s Electric Arrow and She-Hulk's Reprieve can now affect the enemy's Team-Up AP.

UI, Tweaks and BugfixesEdit

  • Streamlined the launch to get you into the game faster.
  • New FAQ to help answer your questions. You can find it by tapping the Settings icon on the Chapter select screen, then tapping the “?” icon.
  • Credits, feedback and version number have also been moved into Settings.
  • Events now correctly show their complete time remaining.
  • Boosts may now drop after missions. Team-Ups drop less frequently.
  • "FIGHT" button now correctly appears when a required character for a mission returns from being away.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed stunned characters to move the board if they had fired an ability that indirectly resulted in them getting Stunned.
  • When a Critical tile is part of multiple simultaneous matches, it now increases the damage of each.
  • Fixed a crash when a Control Shift Team-Up is used by a 1-person or 2-person team on a Countdown Tile that affects the character that placed it.

PC OnlyEdit

  • The enemy's Team-Up ability tab is hidden if the enemy team has no Team-Ups.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that flashed a bunch of zeroes when returning a character from being away.

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