• Team-Up tiles shattered in a cascade now reward the proper amount of Team-Up AP.
  • Fixed a couple of rare cases where multiple help pop-ups appearing at once could block progress in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed a situation where you could wind up with missing character and tile graphics, preventing you from playing, if you lost network connection at a particular moment when first starting the game.


  • Added a confirmation dialog when spending Hero Points to recall characters that you've sent to help your alliance mates.
  • Fixed a rounding error that caused the cost to recall characters that you've sent to help your alliance mates to be slightly too high.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the number of tokens shown on the Recruit Heroes button to become out of sync with the number of tokens you actually have.
  • Closed an exploit that allowed players to remain shielded longer than they should have been.
  • Closed an exploit that allowed players to create an alliance without spending Iso-8.


  • Loki's Trickery now converts all enemy Protect tiles to friendly Strike tiles (instead of a maximum of 4).
  • Fixed a bug where Black Panther's Battleplan would create 6 Strike tiles instead of 3 if you fired it when you had exactly 12 Team-Up AP.
  • When Punisher's Retribution triggers Deadpool's Life of the Party, the damage done to Deadpool will now be based on Deadpool's health, instead of the health of the character Punisher targeted.

Android OnlyEdit

  • Greatly reduced the size of the initial download on Android.
  • You're now taken to the correct page when you accept a Facebook invitation to play MPQ on Android.

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