• Skip costs for retaliations have been removed
  • Fixed an issue where if a Special tile changed ownership, then changed back again, it would still count for the team that stole ownership originally


  • Hawkeye (Modern): Avoid
    • Hawkeye is now more cautious when he uses his Avoid ability. He will no longer jump to the front when the team is hit by an full team damaging ability when he is in the middle position in the current battle line-up.- Daredevil (Man Without Fear): All abilities
  • Traps will now trigger properly when they are matched but otherwise cannot be re-placed due to having not enough of that color tiles on the board.
  • Ares (Dark Avengers): Sunder
    • The Countdown tile will now properly disappear when Ares falls in battle due to using this ability.
  • Daredevil (Man Without Fear): Radar Sense, Equalizer, Ambush- Characters will now properly take damage from their own powers if abilities are used that damage themselves while they are Invisible


  • Events with points that lower when cleared now display a timer in the mission info screen as to when the points will be at maximum again

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