This patch is another relatively light one on the client side. Mostly more backend improvements again, focusing on more SDK updates and further improvements to client lightness. This one is likely coming sooner rather than later, but we're not planning on launching until at least the current PVE Episode is complete.


  • Fixed an issue where multiple 4 of a kind matches that were the same color being destroyed at once would not always clear all rows/columns


  • New loading screen art
  • Player and Alliance leaderboards now default to “Your Rank” rather than “Top Ranked”
  • Fixed instances of the player/Alliance name not being highlighted correctly on the leaderboards
  • Updated the screen displaying points gained in Events. These screens now more easily display the progress in parent Events as well as directly showing progress towards the next progression reward.


  • Added a new sound effect for the Environment ability - Oasis.
  • (Android Only) Fixed instances where music/sound effects could continue to play despite not being the active application

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