MPQ R113! Edit

When an agent takes more than an active role…

What’s New: Edit

Versus action with Doctor Strange!

What’s Changed: Edit

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Signal Intercepts are here
  • Optimized game to save on memory and improve load times.
  • Players always have the maximum possible characters available when entering Team Select screen.
  • The “Join” Alliance button now disappears once you have joined an Alliance.
  • When characters have health in the 100's of thousands, the number will no longer be partially hidden.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Heal button would reappear when switching between characters.
  • Fixed various rare bugs during the early stages of the game.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that happened when 2 players played against the same player in Versus battles.
  • Fixed a rare bug where players were not able to advance to the character select screen when selecting a mission.
  • Android: Game no longer crashes when signing into Google Play & Facebook at the same time from the Options menu.
  • Black Widow (Original)'s Espionage will now play a power banner when making a Purple tile match (when there is another character on the team that has a Purple Passive power).
  • Ghost Rider's Penance Stare now works correctly against The Hulk (Bruce Banner) when The Hulk activates the power, The Other Guy.
  • Red Hulk's Seeing Red Countdown tile now has the correct description.
  • Wolverine (X-Force)'s Recovery Countdown tile now has the correct description & sound effect.
  • Ultron's Gravitational Force now has the correct description.
  • Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool!)'s Life of the Party now correctly activates when an ally takes the appropriate amount of damage.
  • Deadpool (It's Me, Deadpool!)'s WHALES! WHALES! WHALES! secondary function, when you spend Deadpool Points to drop every whale on the team, now works correctly.
  • The Thing (Classic)'s Rock Solid now correctly activates when an ally takes the appropriate amount of damage.
  • Quake (Daisy Johnson)'s Coordinated Tactics now only reduces team damage.
  • Powers that target single opponents will no longer affect invisible characters.
  • Players are no longer able to send 1-Star covers to Facebook Friends. (Please note: this is due to a change in the Facebook API.)
Patch notes on official forums: Patch Notes - R113 (11/07/16) Edit