MPQ R109 Edit


What’s New: Edit

5-Star Black Widow now in-game!

What’s Changed: Edit

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Clearance Levels arriving – more info coming soon.
  • Magneto (Marvel NOW!)'s Magnetic Flux now properly displays a banner when the Countdown tile activates.
  • Countdown tiles are no longer removed when the Countdown tile overwrites the Invisibility tile of a defeated character.
  • Black Bolt's Motivation tile no longer has a black outline when viewing the description of the tile.
  • Peggy Carter (Captain America)'s Legendary Presence no longer displays an animation when the power is already active and she is healed.
  • Professor X (Charles Xavier)'s Blind Spot now activates after a match is made (no longer at the end of the turn).
  • XP earned in a mission is now displayed after the mission completes.
  • Attempted fix implemented for Facebook gifting issues
Patch notes on official forums: Patch Notes - R109 (09/12/16) Edit

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