As the engineer of the cosmic experiment that forever changed the lives of his closest friends, Reed Richards blamed himself for their transformations.

Held in regard as one of the most intelligent people on the planet, Reed uses his brilliant mind and amazing stretching powers to protect the world as the leader of the Fantastic Four. Though he values his family above all else, he continues to tirelessly dedicate himself to the betterment of all mankind.



POWER COST  BlueTile  8
Always thinking ahead, Reed Richards uses his elastic body to envelop his opponent before they have a chance to attack. He stuns the enemy for 1 turn and also creates 2 Blue Protect tiles of strength 17.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Creates strength 34 Protect tiles.
Level 3: Creates strength 52 Protect tiles.
Level 4: Creates strength 60 Protect tiles and stuns for 2 turns.
Level 5: Creates strength 103 Protect tiles and stuns for 3 turns.

At Max Level:
Level 3: Creates 2 strength 104 Protect tiles and stuns for 1 turn.
Level 4: Creates 2 strength 120 Protect tiles and stuns for 2 turns.
Level 5: Creates 2 strength 207 Protect tiles and stuns for 3 turns.

Master of the FantasticEdit

POWER COST  YellowTile  0
(PASSIVE) Mr. Fantastic stands against the impossible in defense of his family and his world. Whenever an enemy matches a friendly special tile, Mr. Fantastic heals for 409 and generates 1 Green AP for each other Fantastic Four member on the team.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Heals for 573.
Level 3: Heals for 736.
Level 4: Heals for 1063.
Level 5: Heals for 1718.

At Max Level:
Level 3: Heals for 1460.
Level 4: Heals for 2109.
Level 5: Heals for 3406.


POWER COST  BlackTile  9
Reed Richards emerges from his lab with a Fantastic device that defies imagination. He places a 2-turn Black Countdown tile.

(PASSIVE) While one of these tiles is on the board, whenever a friendly Red, Green and Yellow match is made, deal 146 damage and increase the duration of these tiles by 1.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: Deals 204 additional damage.
Level 3: Deals 263 additional damage.
Level 4: Places a 3-turn Countdown tile.
Level 5: Deals 409 additional damage.

At Max Level:
Level 3: Deals 522 additional damage, 2 turn Countdown tile.
Level 4: Deals 522 additional damage, 3 turn Countdown tile.
Level 5: Deals 812 additional damage, 3 turn Countdown tile.

Best BuildEdit

What do you think the best build for Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) is?

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Dev note: Master of the Fantastic will always (true) heal, the AP generation only procs with other members of the Fantastic Four.
The characters that count as other Fantastic Four members are Invisible Woman, The Thing, Human Torch, and Spider-Man (Bag-Man).


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