Jean Grey (Cosmic Force) is an unplayable 5-star boss character. She first appeared in the third anniversary Boss Rush event. Her appearance was the same as the second form of Jean Grey (Phoenix).

Rising FireEdit

POWER COST  GreenTile  0
(PASSIVE) At the start of Jean's turn, convert 5 random tiles to red. If there are more than 9 red tiles afterwards, destroy them dealing damage and earning AP.

Mind CrushEdit

POWER COST  RedTile  20
Jean Grey deals xxxxx damage to the target and destroys 4 AP in 3 of the enemy's AP pools.

Merciless FlamesEdit

POWER COST  PurpleTile  0
(PASSIVE) Whenever Phoenix makes a Match-5, stun a random enemy for 3 turns and deal xxxxx damage to the enemy team.

Phoenix cannot be stunned or sent airborne.

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