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Heroic Missions are challenging, limited time version of the Prologue Chapters.
Unlike other PVE events, Heroic events require you to use a limited set of predetermined Characters
Out of the five Prologue Chapters, only four have had a Heroic mode version. Chapter 1 - H.A.M.M.E.R. has not had a heroic version.

Heroic Juggernaut
Heroic Venom
Heroic Mode-Juggernaut Heroic Mode-Venom
Heroic Version of Chapter 2 - Juggernaut Heroic Version of Chapter 3 - Venom

Heroic Mode-Oscorp
Heroic Mode-Dark Avengers
Heroic Mode-Oscorp Heroic Mode-Dark Avengers
Heroic Version of Chapter 4 - Oscorp Heroic Version of Chapter 5 - Dark Avengers

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