S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 200-299 Edit

Day Reward
200Random Reward
201100 Hero Points
202Random Reward
203Random Reward
204Random Reward
205Random Reward
206Recruit Token (Heroic)
207Random Reward
208Random Reward
209Random Reward
210Daredevil (Man Without Fear) (PurpleAbility Power)
21150 Hero Points
212Random Reward
213Recruit Token (Heroic)
214Random Reward
215Random Reward
21610 Command Points
217Random Reward
218Random Reward
2191000 Iso-8
220Recruit Token (Heroic)
221100 Hero Points
222Random Reward
223Random Reward
224Random Reward
225Random Reward
226Random Reward
227Recruit Token (Heroic)
228Random Reward
229Random Reward
230Random Reward
23150 Hero Points
232Random Reward
233Random Reward
234Recruit Token (Heroic)
235Iron Man (Model 40) (RedAbility Power)
236Random Reward
237Random Reward
238Random Reward
2391000 Iso-8
240100 Hero Points
241Recruit Token (Heroic)
242Random Reward
243Random Reward
244Random Reward
245Random Reward
24610 Command Points
247Random Reward
248Recruit Token (Heroic)
249Random Reward
250Psylocke (Classic) (RedAbility Power)
25150 Hero Points
252Random Reward
253Random Reward
254Random Reward
255Recruit Token (Heroic)
256Random Reward
257Random Reward
258Random Reward
2591000 Iso-8
260Random Reward
261100 Hero Points
262Recruit Token (Heroic)
263Random Reward
264Random Reward
265The Punisher (Dark Reign) (BlackAbility Power)
266Random Reward
267Random Reward
268Random Reward
269Recruit Token (Heroic)
270Random Reward
27150 Hero Points
272Random Reward
273Random Reward
274Random Reward
27510 Command Points
276Recruit Token (Heroic)
277Random Reward
278Random Reward
2791000 Iso-8
280Spider-Man (Classic) (YellowAbility Power)
281100 Hero Points
282Random Reward
283Recruit Token (Heroic)
284Random Reward
285Random Reward
286Random Reward
287Random Reward
288Random Reward
289Random Reward
290Recruit Token (Heroic)
29150 Hero Points
292Random Reward
293Random Reward
294Random Reward
295Wolverine (Patch) (GreenAbility Power)
296Random Reward
297Recruit Token (Heroic)
298Random Reward
2991000 Iso-8

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