S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 600-699 Edit

Day Reward
600Random Reward
601100 Hero Points
602Random Reward
603Random Reward
604Random Reward
605Recruit Token (Heroic)
60615 Command Points
607Random Reward
608Random Reward
609Random Reward
610Elektra (Unkillable) (BlackAbility Power)
61150 Hero Points
612Recruit Token (Heroic)
613Random Reward
614Random Reward
615Random Reward
616Random Reward
617Random Reward
6181000 Iso-8
619Recruit Token (Heroic)
620Random Reward
621100 Hero Points
622Random Reward
623Random Reward
624Random Reward
625Luke Cage (Hero For Hire) (YellowAbility Power)
626Recruit Token (Heroic)
627Random Reward
628Random Reward
629Random Reward
630Random Reward
63150 Hero Points
632Random Reward
633Recruit Token (Heroic)
634Random Reward
635Random Reward
63615 Command Points
637Random Reward
6381000 Iso-8
639Elektra (Unkillable) (RedAbility Power)
640Recruit Token (Heroic)
641100 Hero Points
642Random Reward
643Random Reward
644Random Reward
645Random Reward
646Random Reward
647Recruit Token (Heroic)
648Random Reward
649Random Reward
650Random Reward
65150 Hero Points
652Random Reward
653Random Reward
654Recruit Token (Heroic)
655Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable) (YellowAbility Power)
656Random Reward
657Random Reward
658Random Reward
6591000 Iso-8
660Recruit Token (Heroic)
661100 Hero Points
662Random Reward
663Random Reward
664Random Reward
665Random Reward
66615 Command Points
667Random Reward
668Recruit Token (Heroic)
669Random Reward
670Star-Lord (Legendary Outlaw) (PurpleAbility Power)
67150 Hero Points
672Random Reward
673Random Reward
674Random Reward
675Recruit Token (Heroic)
676Random Reward
677Random Reward
678Random Reward
6791000 Iso-8
680Random Reward
681100 Hero Points
682Recruit Token (Heroic)
683Random Reward
684Random Reward
685Luke Cage (Hero For Hire)(BlackAbility Power)
686Random Reward
687Random Reward
688Random Reward
689Recruit Token (Heroic)
690Random Reward
69150 Hero Points
692Random Reward
693Random Reward
694Random Reward
69515 Command Points
696Recruit Token (Heroic)
697Random Reward
698Random Reward
6991000 Iso-8

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