S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 1-99Edit

Day Reward
150 Hero Points
2Black Widow (Modern) (BlueAbility Power)
3Recruit Token (Heroic)
450 Hero Points
5Iron Man (Model 35) (BlueAbility Power)
650 Hero Points
7Storm (Modern) (GreenAbility Power)
850 Hero Points
9Hawkeye (Classic) (PurpleAbility Power)
10Recruit Token (Heroic)
1125 Hero Points
12Thor (Marvel NOW!) (RedAbility Power)
13Random Reward
14100 Hero Points
15Venom (Dark Avengers) (BlackAbility Power)
16Random Reward
17Recruit Token (Heroic)
18Random Reward
19Random Reward
20Random Reward
2125 Hero Points
22Random Reward
23Random Reward
24Recruit Token (Heroic)
25Random Reward
26Random Reward
27Random Reward
28Random Reward
29Random Reward
30Daken (Dark Avengers) (PurpleAbility Power)
31Recruit Token (Heroic)
3225 Hero Points
33Random Reward
34Random Reward
35500 Iso-8
365 Command Points
37Random Reward
38Recruit Token (Heroic)
39Random Reward
40Random Reward
4125 Hero Points
42Random Reward
43Random Reward
44Doctor Doom (Classic) (BlackAbility Power)
45Recruit Token (Heroic)
46Random Reward
47Random Reward
48Random Reward
49Random Reward
50500 Iso-8
5150 Hero Points
52Recruit Token (Heroic)
53Random Reward
54Random Reward
55Random Reward
56Random Reward
57Random Reward
58Random Reward
59Recruit Token (Heroic)
60Ragnarok (Dark Avengers) (GreenAbility Power)
61100 Hero Points
62Random Reward
63Random Reward
64Random Reward
655 Command Points
66Recruit Token (Heroic)
67500 Iso-8
68Random Reward
69Random Reward
70Random Reward
7150 Hero Points
72Random Reward
73Recruit Token (Heroic)
74Random Reward
75Loki (Dark Reign) (BlackAbility Power)
76500 Iso-8
77Random Reward
78Random Reward
79Random Reward
80Recruit Token (Heroic)
81100 Hero Points
82Random Reward
83Random Reward
84Random Reward
85Random Reward
86Random Reward
87Recruit Token (Heroic)
88Random Reward
89Random Reward
90The Hulk (Indestructible) (GreenAbility Power)
9150 Hero Points
92500 Iso-8
93Random Reward
94Recruit Token (Heroic)
95Random Reward
965 Command Points
97Random Reward
98Random Reward
99500 Iso-8

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