S.H.I.E.L.D. Resupply, Days 800-899 Edit

Day Reward
800Random Reward
801Recruit Token (Heroic)
80250 Hero Points
803Random Reward
804Random Reward
805Jean Grey (All New X-Men) (PurpleAbility Power)
806100 Hero Points
807Random Reward
808Recruit Token (Heroic)
809Random Reward
810Random Reward
81125 Hero Points
812Random Reward
813Random Reward
814Random Reward
815Recruit Token (Heroic)
81650 Hero Points
81725 Command Points
818Random Reward
8191500 Iso-8
820Wolverine (Old Man Logan) (BlackAbility Power)
821Random Reward
822Recruit Token (Heroic)
823Random Reward
824Random Reward
825Random Reward
826100 Hero Points
827Random Reward
828Random Reward
829Recruit Token (Heroic)
830Random Reward
83125 Hero Points
832Random Reward
833Random Reward
834Random Reward
835Professor X (Charles Xavier) (BlueAbility Power)
836Recruit Token (Heroic)
83750 Hero Points
838Random Reward
8391500 Iso-8
840Random Reward
84150 Hero Points
842Random Reward
843Recruit Token (Heroic)
844Random Reward
84525 Command Points
846100 Hero Points
847Random Reward
848Random Reward
849Iron Man (Hulkbuster) (RedAbility Power)
850Recruit Token (Heroic)
85125 Hero Points
852Random Reward
853Random Reward
854Random Reward
855Random Reward
85650 Hero Points
857Recruit Token (Heroic)
858Random Reward
8591500 Iso-8
860Random Reward
86150 Hero Points
862Random Reward
863Random Reward
864Recruit Token (Heroic)
865Iceman (All New X-Men) (BlueAbility Power)
866100 Hero Points
867Random Reward
868Random Reward
869Random Reward
870Random Reward
871Recruit Token (Heroic)
87225 Hero Points
873Random Reward
874Random Reward
87525 Command Points
87650 Hero Points
877Random Reward
878Recruit Token (Heroic)
8791500 Iso-8
880Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) (BlackAbility Power)
88150 Hero Points
882Random Reward
883Random Reward
884Random Reward
885Recruit Token (Heroic)
886100 Hero Points
887Random Reward
888Random Reward
889Random Reward
890Random Reward
89125 Hero Points
892Recruit Token (Heroic)
893Random Reward
894Random Reward
895Carnage (Cletus Kasady) (BlackAbility Power)
89650 Hero Points
897Random Reward
8981500 Iso-8
899Legendary Token

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