• PhongfromVietnam

    My Greeting

    April 16, 2017 by PhongfromVietnam

    Hello everyone! My name is Phong, and I'm from Vietnam (Like my user name.). I have played this game for 4 months. I LOVE THIS GAME. And I found this wiki. All your contribution and posts are brilliant! I love it. My favorite characters are Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Ares, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch and Cloak and Dagger. And... who I want to have is Black Bolt. I tried to buy legendary tokens, but they just open 4* characters. :( Well, Nice to meet you and I want to have some friends. If you have something to talk with me, go ahead in comment. You are welcome!

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  • PhongfromVietnam

    A Greeting

    April 16, 2017 by PhongfromVietnam
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  • Monkey tastic

    Recent Data Dumps

    October 2, 2016 by Monkey tastic

    Big data dumps for you guys

    Working quite hard to do alot of data dumps for all 3* characters. Just wanting you all to know that the information is correct and I will be trying to get every 3* up to maximum of champions within a week or so. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to only have a few characters that just need to be leveled. Updating the 4*s and hopefully I could do the 5*'s but there so rare... 

    Update 1

    6 Characters left for the 3*s. I am working on the missing information for Loki as these are missing. Next up will be verifying every 4* slowly... and trying to champion each one slowly... 

    Update 2

    All 3*s stats done to 266. On with the 4*s details

    Any questions about this just ask...

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  • Sunder4321

    Hello there! Welcome to my first fanwork for Marvel Puzzle Quest. Today, I made Magik, one of my favorite Marvel characters.

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  • Tina gallant
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  • MarvelFan73

    PVP advice

    September 1, 2015 by MarvelFan73

    I am just starting to get serious about the PVP portions of the game since I have joined theROUGHNECKS alliance. There is still a lot that I need to learn about the strategy. I cannot seem to hold more than 700 points per event. I would like to get into the 800-1000 range, in order to get the 3* and 4* covers. Any advice on selecting teams to fight, when to enter the event or shield would be most welcomed.

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  • Jauranna


    July 8, 2015 by Jauranna

    That's what I'm working on at the moment. Organizing things into categories and sub-categories. So we can see what we have. And what we don't have. And what we have unnecessary duplicates of. Et cetera. :)

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  • Luna3009

    Another new character

    March 19, 2015 by Luna3009

    Today I won my character no.62 - Elektra (Unkillable). Until now I got two black cover cards from her and she's evolved to the current max lvl 86.

    So that's how currently my "inventory" looks like:

    What? How much?
    characters 62
    used cover cards 621
    missing cover cards to max out 167
    characters with maximum cover cards (1) 35
    completed characters 10 (3x lvl166, 3x lvl94, 2x lvl50, 2x lvl40)
    lowest lvl character level 20 (Venom (Dark Avengers Spider-Man), Juggernaut (Classic), Black Widow (Modern))
    highest lvl character level 166 (Magneto (Classic), Thor (Modern), Iron Man (Model 40))
    totally spent Iso-8 1,868,097
    needed Iso-8 to evolve to currently possible maximum (2) 2,999,702

    (1) 10 cards used for 2-power characters and 13 cards used for 3-power characters.

    (2) …

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  • Nabarth

    Spotlight Events

    March 11, 2015 by Nabarth

    Every three star character has one. We track them in the wiki, making a special page for it every season one of them comes up. Why? the event itself is the same, the only changes are (a) the rewards and (b) the comic pack break downs.

    I propose that we change the season-specific spotlight events to only contain that rewards/packs information. Use a tab bar in the main event (like the Daily Reward page) to show the different times it's appeared.


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  • Senor Pinata

    I haven't been active for long, but I have noticed something and would like some opinions.

    The main thing I have been helping with so far has been adding info about character levels. However, I usually only add one or two at a time. Do you guys think it's better/easier to edit multiple levels at a time, or is adding just one level still as helpful as multiple?

    I suppose it's a matter of preference and ability, but I don't like making it look like pages are getting "spammed" or anything.

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  • MetalMummy74


    September 9, 2014 by MetalMummy74

    Hey all... Just started playing... I have all rewards in H.A.M.M.E.R. Chapter 1, but can't get to top of tower..... It says I have to defeat Dr Doom??? I don't understand.... Can someone explain?  

    Thx in advance.... :)

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  • AztecSpider


    July 20, 2014 by AztecSpider

    Hey guys I'm looking for some of the most talented guys out there. My clan is currently low levels. Not because of skill but lack of members. Each member is currently ranking first place in each of their missions. If there is any takers please message me.

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  • Leojsaad

    Hi! This is my first fanwork of Marvel Puzzle Quest! Today it'll feature Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew.

    Uncommon Character (Two Stars)

    Jessica Drew's father found large amounts of uranium in her blood, which led him to insert an experimental serum in her. She had to be placed on stasis, and only awoke decades later. Some time after, she became an agent of SHIELD and the Spider-Woman, with astonishing powers.

    Cover Edition:

    New Avengers Vol 1 (2005) #4

    Cover Artist:

    David Finch



    Power Cost: 18 Green AP

    Spider-Woman launches a Venom Blast towards an enemy. Hits the target for 200 Damage and absorbs 5 Green AP from each enemy.

    Level Upgrades:

    Level 2: Increases damage to 215.

    Level 3: Increases damage to 225.

    Level 4: Absorbs 7 Green AP from each …

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