Avengers Weekend


Nick Fury has Ordered a weekend All-Avengers tournament!

Summon your best Avengers and play these missions to rise through the ranks.

Need an Avenger to perfect your team? Recruit one for the competition in the Recruit Heroes tab.

Event RewardsEdit

Leaderboard AwardsEdit

Rank Rewards
1-2 Iron Man (Model 40) (Red,Yellow and Blue Powers), 250 Iso-8, 100 Hero Points
3-10 Iron Man (Model 40) (Blue and Yellow Powers), 250 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points
11-25 Iron Man (Model 40) (Blue Power), 250 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points
26-50 Hawkeye (Modern) (Blue,Purple and Red Powers), 250 Iso-8, 50 Hero Points
51-100 Hawkeye (Modern) (Purple Power), 250 Iso-8
101-200 Hawkeye (Modern) (Red Power), 250 Iso-8
201-350 Recruit Token (Standard), 250 Iso-8
351-500 250 Iso-8

Progression RewardsEdit

Score Rewards
25 Recruit Token (Standard)(only Avengers)
50 500 Iso-8
100 Iron Man (Model 35)(Red Power)
175 250 Iso-8
250 50 Hero Points
325 Thor (Marvel NOW!) (Red Power)
400 Recruit Token (Standard)(only Avengers)
500 Recruit Token (Heroic)(only Avengers)
600 Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)(Green Power)
700 500 Iso-8
800 Recruit Token (Heroic)(only Avengers)
900 1000 Iso-8
1000 100 Hero Points
1100 Spider-Man (Classic)(Blue Power)
1200 1000 Iso-8
1300 Spider-Man (Classic)(Yellow Power)
1400 Wolverine (X-Force) (Green Power)

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